Weekly News – 22/05/2017

The Club aims to have Three sessions a week which are ‘club rows’ and from time to time special events such as away days, with everyone welcome. We also aim to offer more dedicated rowing to groups of members who form a crew and are available at mutually convenient times to row longer, further, or quicker!  Check the calendar for up to date outing.
Beginners are always welcome – we offer taster sessions regularly to those who might be interested in Coastal rowing.

To join ACR Whatsapp Group, please get in touch with us so we can add you (we would need your Mobile Number).

 You can get access to the Group page here.ALNMOUTH COMMUNITY ROWING 

How to log on to Alnmouth Community Rowing’s site (1st time OR if you forgot your password):

  1. Click on “forgot password”
  2. Put your e-mail address in the box
  3. click on submit
  4. check you e-mail
  5. Copy the complicated password
  6. Go onto http://alnmoutrowing.org
  7. Input your e-mail address or your username in the username box
  8. Paste the password in the password box
  9. Once into the system, scroll down the left, right to the end you will find a link called “profile”
  10. You can update your details and change your password to one of your liking.
  11. Once done, you would need to logout and log back in.

RABC’s Push The Boat Out Event: 13th/14th May

On behalf of Alnmouth Community Rowing, and our crew who took part I’d like to thank you all for contributing to such a rewarding event.  It’s always a delight to introduce new people to being on the water, and we had a complete mix of folk and experience and capability.  On each occasion though, we were able to deliver back to shore crew that were at least keeping time with stroke, and who without exception declared that they had enjoyed themselves. We think the count had passed 20 over the weekend, including the youngsters in the passenger seat or who rowed.

So a big thank you to everyone there!


Row the Lakes 2017

Once more, the Pride Of Aln and its crew managed to conquer the Lakes, despite a very wet last day.

However, team comradeship was strong. Well done to all who took part to make this event a success!

Blyth Regatta – skiff races  June 4th

Blyth is a great spot for us, and June 3rd and 4th sees their weekend regatta.

The Blyth Regatta will be running over the entire weekend, with heritage boats and events all day both days.  Crews (that’s us!) are also invited to a welcome party at the apprentice workshop – buffet, bar, and a band.You can come along as Crew or as spectator.

Skiff Racing is set for 11am on Sunday 4th June as part of Blyth Maritime Regatta and will take place in front of the crowds at Blyth Quayside. We will be following SCRA rules and the crew category is mixed, heats may be required to decide the line up for a final race depending upon how many clubs are in attendance.

After the racing is over we can have a row out in the bay, maybe to Newbiggin past the wind turbines, or if conditions are against us perhaps an explore up the River Blyth, with an added surprise! (Don’t ask, it is a surprise).

Please let us know ASAP if you intend to come and take part, either for racing or indeed for the more social row so we can make plans, hope to see you all there.

It is Important to let us know if you want to come so to organised crew’s and lift

Access the leaflet here [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=55 linktext=’* Blyth-Regatta-2017-A4…’ /]

 Solstice’s row:

Row out to watch the sunrise on the longest day followed by a breakfast BBQ. Last year we Row out from Alnmouth in turn to enjoyed the sun rise on this special day. For those not rowing, The barbecue was providing some welcome breakfast and  fantastic social time .


The website is where you will find all the information you need:

  1. See the events calendar
  2. explore documents related to St Ayles skiff, Rowing and others
  3. Checking the weather using the links provided
  4. Finding out about our club’s history
  5. Exploring the heritage and the past of the Life Boat House (coming soon)

Alnmouth Rowing has an App!

There is no need to download it from App’s store. All you need to do is to access the website from any mobile device. Upon your first access, the website will detect your type of device and download the appropriate app for it. When you first log on there are 2 additional options:

  • Set your device to recall your password .
  • Accept notification by clicking on the red bell if you wish to receive notifications direct to your screen.

Help with web content needed:

As you have noticed, the club’s website is filling up with interactivity and content. This is time-consuming for a few. If anyone would like to help with content/administration, this would be greatly appreciated. We need to update the content in the following areas:

  1. The Build
  2. Skiff’s link
  3. Mailing list

If you can help, you will be fully supported and you do not need any  technical IT skills .