The Nith Raid

The Nith Raid is essentially a race whilst also celebrating the beauty of the River Nith. All river users were invited to join in by taking to the water on Saturday, 13th August, to follow the race from Glencaple to Dumfries and back. ACR took both skiffs and joined ten other skiffs to compete.

The River Nith seemed to lack water before the bore made its’ dramatic entrance.
The Nith Bore races upstream

The natural beauty of the River Nith did not escape us as the temperature soared to 29 degrees, skeins of Greylag geese flew overhead and the amazing River Nith Bore raced upstream.

The skiffs lined up before the individual launches.
Keeping cool before the race. Alas, Alan’s white hat was blown off and washed away by the river!
Greylag geese know how to keep cool in the heat.
One of our crews racing upstream to finally be placed 4/12
Our other crew racing upstream to finally be placed 8/12