The Lakes


Good Evening All,

I sent an e-mail round last week regarding the above, it’s clear it didn’t appear in every one’s  inbox, probably my fault for not sending it from ‘ Tom Crewboy’. A copy of what was sent last week is below for anyone who didn’t receive it, but first an update re. responses to date.

The favourite date by consensus is May, so we’ll be staying over 18/19th. and rowing the lakes 19/20th.

Friday 19th. We’ll vary it from last year, possibly row Windermere the opposite way, north to south, suitable crew change/lunch locations still to arrange.

Saturday, it’s been suggested we row Derwent Water, it’s a much smaller lake therefor the possibility of simplifying logistics by leaving the trailer at Keswick and doing a ‘circumnavigation’ changing crew at the south end. There are 3 islands with public landing rights which may be interesting, again still to finalise.


Hi All,

Row the lakes in May 2016 was a huge success, a ‘World Record’, great weather, good food and drink, fantastic company, the last two we can certainly count on again and I’m sure with some creative PR we can claim another record.

For those who weren’t part of ACR last May here’s a brief outline of the event.:-

Everyone travelled to Windermere area Friday afternoon, stayed the night ready for a reasonably early start Saturday.

Saturday, row Windermere from Newby Bridge at the south end to Ambleside at the north. The lake is about 12 miles long so the row was split into 3 easy legs of about 4 miles, changing crews at two locations one with a long lunch stop and a few beers on the lake side. Stay overnight.

Sunday, tow the boat over Kirkstone Pass, row Ullswater Lake from Glenridding to Pooley Bridge, about 9 miles, again stopping half way to change crew, finishing up with a BBQ on the lake shore before setting off home late afternoon.

The press release last year, tongue in cheek, mentioned battling ‘heat stroke and extreme exhaustion during the world record attempt’ please don’t be put off, it was a very leisurely row both days. With a passenger in the boat and the possibility of the cox changing and rowing, no one needs to row more than they feel comfortable with.

Last year ACR was given the use of a cottage near Windermere that sleeps 5 or 6, the remaining few stayed in a B & B just down the road, by sharing the B & B cost between everyone the cost of the weekend, including picnic lunch Saturday, a beautiful home cooked meal on Saturday night plus BBQ Sunday was less than £ 60 per head.

We’ve again been given use of the cottage, two dates have been provisionally booked, Friday/Sat. 21/22nd April & Thursday/Fri 18/19th.May. We can use one or both of those dates.

I suggest we keep numbers to about 10 to12, allowing for crew changes and logistics of catering & moving the trailer about.

At this stage I’m looking for numbers of who is interested/available on one or both of the above dates. If we’re oversubscribed we may have to draw lots for who goes, if we’re massively oversubscribed possibly do both dates.

Please let me know if you are interested, also if you are ‘couples’ if your happy to go separately or ‘both together or not at all’, obviously with a mix of double beds and singles to fill it can be a bit tricky to get the maximum out of the accommodation. We don’t have to row the same two lakes as last year but I suggest being next to Windermere it’s a good one to start with, any other suggesting welcome. Derwent Water & Conniston have been mentioned