Spring at ACR

As April gives way to May, daylight extends and activities continue apace at ACR.

On Race Day, at the end of April, our two skiffs (Pride of Aln and Enflaeda) competed in seven exciting races in windy, and sometimes challenging, conditions on the River Aln estuary. More than 25 club members took part along with some very welcome guests from the River Aln Boat Club (RABC). Great fun and exercise was experienced by all – followed by a hearty and warming BBQ by the sea shore at the old lifeboat house.

The racing teams continue to prepare and increase the pace and frequency of training sessions for the skiff rowing world championships at Kortgene this summer.

The New to Rowing Scheme (NtR) is enriching the membership by attracting potential new members with introductory sessions on the river and subsequently on the sea.

And, of course, the social coastal rows on both the river and sea are well subscribed as always!

Over 60's mixed racing team
Over 60’s mixed racing team power up the River Aln
Over 40's mixed racing team
Over 40’s mixed racing team cox navigates The Duchess Bridge arches at Alnmouth
Over 50's men's racing team training at sea
Over 50’s men racing team enjoying glorious weather and sea conditions
NtR practice at the technique
Practising the technique at a New to Rowing session
The Race Day
Signalling to the racers
Preparing for a race
Pre race preparation
Rowing to the start line
Manoeuvring to the start line
A Sunday social row
A very sociable afternoon river row