Row Around Scotland 2020

There is a dedicated website that will keep you up to date on progress of the row:

The official opening is 25th March. Our involvement is on the last rowing leg of the tour, from North Berwick to Paxton, starting Sunday August 30th and ending Saturday September 19th. So members will need to make themselves available for rowing over some or all of 4 consecutive weekends.

The sections are North Berwick to Dunbar; Dunbar to Cove; Cove to St Abbs Head; St Abbs Head to Tweedmouth ; Tweedmouth to Paxton.

The Chief Pilot, Kenny Maule from Dunbar, will make a call on the actual rowing program, which depends on conditions. So the most likely outcome is we will send out crewshouts to members at a few days’ notice for the upcoming rowing.

We have a team of 4 to coordinate this: David Cant and Charles Luxford are on the drop box and whats app links where the information for all the clubs involved on this leg is being disseminated.  They will update this website with any new information. Rachel Blake and Warren Manley will help organise crewshouts, towers and cars .By then Warren hopefully will also be a tower.

Weather permitting, North Berwick to Dunbar will take place on Sunday August 30th   and Tweedmouth to Paxton on Saturday September 19th. The rest of the sections will take place between these dates. Rowing is likely to take place up to 3 hours either side of high tide, to make the most of favourable southerly tidal streams. There may be some midweek crewshouts if the program falls behind due to adverse conditions.

Managing the row on the day, including crew changes and how best to keep the skiffs together will be the role of the Chief Pilot, depending on conditions and the ability of the crews. Members should be aware that rowing distances are going to be longer than Club Rows, so members should get together and organise some longer rowing sessions during the summer. Ideally familiarise yourselves with the route as well.

There is also an ecological aspect to the event as clubs will be towing a trawl to capture micro plastic levels and also cleaning up beaches around Scotland.

Below are 3 documents for reference  – a general map of our leg , a more detailed route plan and some planning notes drawn up by Kenny Maule , with possible crew change or relief points.


General Map

Coast 2020 Dunbars Leg