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Terms and Conditions

Summary of ACR rules and operating procedures
Alnmouth Community Rowing operates to high safety standards, but cannot eliminate all risks associated with the handling and operation of small boats on inland waters or the sea. All members participate at their own risk and are actively encouraged on every occasion to make their own judgement as to whether they participate in any ACR activity

Rowing Life Jackets
All members will wear suitable life jackets whilst in the boats, regardless of the waters (sea, lake, estuary, river). Please read the Life Jacket Policy in the ‘Operational Documents’ page on the website.

All crew members must obey the commands of the Cox.

All crew members are also required to provide every assistance to the cox, for example by keeping a good lookout and checking that the cox is warm.

All crew members must ensure that the boat they are taking out is properly equipped. The cox is responsible for briefing the crew before any trip out.

It is the responsibility of each member to confirm that they (or their children/wards wishing to row) do not suffer from any disability or medical condition that might render them unfit for strenuous exercise.

Should a medical condition exist, this will not necessarily prevent participation, but it must be declared. Members are advised to seek advice from their doctor if they have any doubts about any condition.

With particular regard to the incidence of Covid-19, it is important that you apply the above consideration and criteria.

All members are expected to work at acquiring and maintaining a basic level of competence in rowing and such other skills as they choose. All members are expected to know how to tie simple knots, use the VHF radio and operate flares.

ACR is respectful of cold-water dangers. There is an absolute requirement for all members taking a boat out to sea in the period 1st October to 31st March to wear a winter rated wetsuit covering at least the legs and body core, or a full dry suit. Members must provide their own clothing to deal with the full range of weather conditions AND have available sufficient dry clothing to change into.

Boats will only be launched under the command of a cox who is recognised within ACR to have the skills and experience to manage the conditions on the day

The overriding policy of ACR is expressed as “If in doubt, don’t go out”. It is the responsibility of every member to continuously apply this policy. There may be “doubt” about many different things including the weather, the sea state, the crew, the cox, the planned route etc.

Maintenance of boats and equipment 

Use of tools
It is the responsibility of members to assess their competence in the use of any tool before starting any work. Tools may be provided by a number of different people and may be of a form that is unfamiliar.

Protection from fumes and dust
Working on boats tends to involve the creation of both dust and fumes. These may be hazardous and members must ensure that they are using adequate protection. If a member has a known allergic reaction, they must ensure that they stay away from the work area.

ACR resources and equipment 
It is the joint responsibility of all members to clean, check, store and maintain all ACR equipment. Typically, this is done immediately after use but there are also periodic maintenance sessions.

Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults
ACR has a clear policy on the Safeguarding of Children and Vulnerable Adults and membership of ACR is conditional on both reading the policy and implementing its requirements.

Risk assessment
ACR has completed risk assessments which are available on the club website. Members are required to both read the risk assessments and contribute to their update and improvement.

Updating personal details and contact details
It is essential for club operation that members keep their own contact details and their emergency contact details up to date. Changes should be notified to the Secretary promptly as necessary.

The Association’s rules and procedures are continually subject to change. Members must ensure that they are pro-active in keeping up to date.