North Berwick Regatta

A big, well-organised event – 14 Scottish teams and Alnmouth, 11 racing categories and most teams entering most of the categories. The Scottish clubs are veterans of such events and come equipped with smart gazebos to build their base on the beach.


We entered two events – men’s 50+ and mixed 240 (where the aggregate ages of the 4 rowers is at least 240 years).

Here is the mixed 240 crew displaying a range of emotions. They clocked in at 241 years!


The conditions were sunny with a stiff breeze in the morning. The sea was too lumpy at first, so the 50+ race was a straight sprint over 1000m. Conditions calmed sufficiently so that the mixed 240 race went round Craighleith – just under 2 miles but still a challenge in the conditions. This photo looks like the start of the race with all the skiffs lined up – we are roughly in theĀ  centre


What we learned was the other teams row stronger so go faster – something we can practise!