Newsletter 30/05/2017

The Club aims to have Three sessions a week which are ‘club rows’ and from time to time special events such as away days, with everyone welcome. We also aim to offer more dedicated rowing to groups of members who wish to row longer, further, or quicker!  Check the calendar for up to date outing here
Beginners are always welcome – we offer taster sessions regularly to those who might be interested in Coastal rowing

Upcoming Events

To join ACR Whatsapp Group, please get in touch with us so we can add you (we would need your Mobile Number).

 You can get access to the Group page here.ALNMOUTH COMMUNITY ROWING 

How to log on to Alnmouth Community Rowing’s site (1st time OR if you forgot your password):

  1. Click on “forgot password”
  2. Put your e-mail address in the box
  3. click on submit
  4. check you e-mail
  5. Copy the complicated password
  6. Go onto
  7. Input your e-mail address or your username in the username box
  8. Paste the password in the password box
  9. Once into the system, scroll down the left, right to the end you will find a link called “profile”
  10. You can update your details and change your password to one of your liking.
  11. Once done, you would need to logout and log back in.

Blyth Regatta:

the plan for next Sunday is to launch from South Harbour Beach (Blyth) from 10am and make our way to the Skiff Waiting Area, this will be near the Boathouse Restaurant either the new slipway or spaces which may be available on pontoons. The race course will be laid out to accommodate the various races over the weekend and is dictated by Race Control but should be similar to that illustrated below and include a turn at the North. If There are more than 6-8 skiffs racing, then there will be 2 or more heats and a final, lots to be drawn for each heat. Racing starting at 11. After the racing there will be a prize giving and then we can enjoy a more sedate rowing activity which will include a fishing contest, for those that wish to, with an associated, customary BBQ on the beach to round the day off. Hopefully the weather and sea state will be in our favour and great fun will be had by all!

Could you let us know if you are interested in rowing that day?

More specific details about where to meet and lift from Alnmouth/Alnwick can be found here.

Solstice’s row:

Row out to watch the sunrise on the longest day followed by a breakfast BBQ. Last year we Row out from Alnmouth in turn to enjoyed the sun rise on this special day. For those not rowing, The barbecue was providing some welcome breakfast and  fantastic social time .

Fishing party:

Now that spring is with us, Fishing/rowing parties will start. They will be advertise on the website and social media as usual…. those session will involved rowing to a fishing spot and then start fishing while letting the boat drift (control drift) and then rowing a bit more and fish a bit more. All equipment will be provided although you are welcome to bring your own.

Because of the logistic, those trip will be limited to 6 (first come, first served basis) and will only be open to full members.