Newbiggin’s skiff fest

Newbbiggin newest Skiff’s club is under way. To this purpose, they are organising a “skiff’s day”. The idea is for others Skiff’s club like us to support them in building their skiff’s community by offering taster row to the public.

Alnmouth Rowing will attend and open their boat to new comer from Newbiggin. As this will be the first outing of the season, all ACR members and friends are welcome.

The plan to date is for all to meet up at 12.15 PM on the 08/04/2017 at Alnmouth. We would re-equip the Pride Of Aln and Dave would tow her to Newbiggin. For the rest of us, car sharing will be arranged at this time.

We will be having lunch at Newbiggin so do bring along some food with you unless you decide to take advantage of local facilities.

The afternoon will be filled with several outing where members will take turn rowing. The rest of us not rowing can do some PR.

We should be back at Alnmouth by 6.00PM at the latest although this would depend on the weather and what, actually happen at Newbiggin.

Members are, of course, welcome to make their own way to Newbiggin if so they wish. (The interactive map will help in finding where we are)

We would appreciate if you could let us know ASAP of your intentions. You can do so using one of the method below:

  1. Whatsapp (You need to be added to the group if you are not already)
  2. Website –
  3. Reply to this mail
  4. Text (07528 583 356)
  5. Smoke signal (no guarantee of reception)

More information are available from the club website. (your user-name is your e-mail). Please visit  regularly for update.