Members’ Update September 2017

This update provides details of rowing and social events and preliminary details of the forthcoming Annual General Meeting.


Firstly to welcome to the new members this year , and in particular 5 joining in the  last few weeks –  Pauline and Peter Fearey, Fay and Tim Falconer and  Mike Ewen. 

Social and Rowing Events

Autumn is approaching but the plan is to keep going with the Sunday Club Session (John Ellis) and the Thursday morning row (David Cant in the absence of Dave and Rhoda).

Claire Edgar has had the good idea to turn the Thursday morning row into a breakfast social through the autumn and winter and we will row if and when the conditions allow. Obviously dressing up for the conditions is a must – wetsuits, gloves, hats and windproof layers. Rowing on a sunny winter morning on a calm sea will be heaven – hopefully there will be a few. Alternatively if you just fancy a bit of breakfast but stay warm and dry, come down.

More immediately there is the annual Tweed Row and Paxton picnic this Sunday – September 17 – which is the subject of a separate email.

There is a social at the River Aln Boat Club – the Rowing Club is a member so all can go along. The details are Monday October 23rd @ 7.30pm for 8.00 pm at the Alnmouth Village Golf Club (nb that is not Foxton). It’s their 40th Anniversary and there are talks and films on cruising. There is a bar.

I will put the breakfast socials and the River Aln Boat Club evening on the club website calendar today.


Club AGM

This is important as we need to assemble a new committee to run the Club for next year. We need the newer members to step up.

A provisional date has been set for 7.00pm Wednesday 6th December. Charles is currently checking the availability of the Village Hall, Lesbury. We will firm up on the details asap. Papers will be sent to you at least 30 days before.

This will also go on the calendar.



David Cant

14 September 2017