Member update 25th September

Breakfast Row on  Autumn Thursday mornings

The plan is to carry on meeting at the boathouse just after sunrise to row if conditions allow but to have a social and a bit of breakfast together . If conditions are too bad to row there might be a bit of exercise on the beach – a brisk walk or brave ones could go for a dip!

All Members are welcome but to avoid everyone getting an email each week, please let either David Cant or Claire Edgar know if you would like to be on the circulation list even if you might only come down now and then.


The sea was too rough to launch from the boathouse on Sunday and it was also low tide, so John Ellis kindly towed the skiff to the lake at Druridge Bay Country Park. Peter Drew was with us and we were able to tie his kayak into the skiff and tow both round. Several of us had a turn in his kayak on the lake .

Just to remind everyone that kayaks are the private property of individuals and are left in the boathouse at the owner’s risk. Kayaks should only be used with the permission of the owner.  Kayakers go out at their own risk.