March 2018 Newsletter




The season opens

With snow still piled along the sides of roads but with Spring bulbs appearing, we prepare for what has become our traditional “season opener” at Alnmouth on March 18th.  It will be a relief to get back in the Pride of Aln and be rowing again even though spring hasn’t quite arrived just yet.

Winter progress

A new Committee was elected in December at the AGM  – Dave Foote, Mike Ewen, David Cant , John Ellis , Charles  Jones , and Pauline Fearey with Claire Edgar co-opted to cover membership. Work has been carried out on both the Pride of Aln and the lifeboat house over recent weeks by willing members.

The club recently secured a new lease from Alnmouth Parish Council, which shows their support and gave us the necessary confidence to spend the time and money on the Boathouse. Of special mention is the new mezzanine floor.  By adding this extra space we are looking ahead to the opportunity to build another boat, as well as having a great place for members to do repairs to their own craft. All members can use this area – please speak to a Committee member first though. The mezzanine also makes the whole of the “downstairs” into a fully functional store for the boat and other equipment – room to “swing a cat” as they say!  The other major improvement has been in the side extension of the boathouse generally called the “lean to”.  This has now been fully glazed, insulated and painted throughout with artworks provided by Peter Drew.  We now have a real club space for relaxing, food and drink and the necessary “admin”.  We dream of adding a small bar and woodburner – maybe next year!!

Please feel free to drop by and admire the work completed at any time you see the doors open.

2018 Events

Club sessions will carry on as before – normally midweek and weekend plus early Thursday morning.

Team and racing – Rhoda is leading this and there will be more from her anon. There is definitely a group of Members interested but the challenge will be how regularly can they train?

Events – the program will develop as the season takes shape and clubs get their acts together, but will depend on the availability of Members both to take part and also to help with the logistics. Getting involved isn’t daunting – it’s largely common sense and communication.

The events table looks currently as follows (events are at Alnmouth unless otherwise stated):

March 18   Season Opener
April 2   Row in company to Amble / Coquet Island
April/May Alnwick Recruitment drives at Willowburn and Alnwick Market
26-28 May   Push the Boat Out
June onwards   Invite locals and visitors to join rowing sessions on summer weekends
June 3 Blyth Racing on the Sunday
June 21   Day of events from sunrise to sunset  on midsummer day
July 13-15 Lakes Weekend away
Aug 11 Dumfries Nith Raid
Aug 25 North Berwick Round the Rock


Rowing is weather dependent and can be convened or cancelled at short notice. Please keep your eye on the website posts and calendar and also any emails being sent out. The posts and calendar are on the homepage of the Club website ( and you don’t need to sign in or need a password to see them.

There are also plans to row and race more frequently with other local clubs, including a row around Holy Island. More details to follow.

Please remember that the Pride of Aln is there to be used – any member can organise an event or session, subject to the normal safety issues.  If you have an idea please speak up and we can get together to arrange it.


We want to make more use of the Boathouse and its special location by the beach this season – more socials and more bbq’s. Fund raising is also important – if Members can think of ways to combine socials and fund raising or have experience of successful events, please come forward.

The Parish Council is keen for the club to raise its profile in Alnmouth village and consequently a number of initiatives are being worked on with opportunities for all Members to get involved.

Recruitment – members and sponsors

ACR is looking to introduce new members – always important to any club and it would be great to repeat the success we had with the 2017 intake. Please think about introducing family members, friends or work colleagues.

Sponsorship – we are approaching local firms and have secured one sponsorship so far. If you know of firms or individuals who may be prepared to sponsor the Club, please contact a Committee member for more details.

Please make sure you have completed a membership form and hand it to Mike or Claire – it is really important we have up to date details of those rowing and family members contact details.

2017 members – if you haven’t paid your sub and intend to row this year, please pass your sub to Mike as the funds are needed to cover the work being done.

Next newsletter

End of June. Any feedback on this newsletter, please pass on to the Secretary David Cant. We think we have the distribution list right, but if you are on by mistake or no longer wish to receive it, let David know –