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Interested in Rowing


A warm welcome awaits new rowers at Alnmouth Community Rowing.

Whether you would like a gentle outing with a group of friendly crewmates, a chance to see the wonderful wildlife around our coast, or some hard training in one of our racing crews, you will find that coastal rowing can be a lot of fun.

“….we were surprised and delighted to find the skills required to row were not too difficult to pick up and combined with the patient, calm and clear instruction we received, our first outing was a huge success. ……. We have been welcomed by a warm, friendly, sociable and quite inspirational group of people, making many new friends.”

(Peter and Cheryl, new members)

How can I get involved?

Come and meet us at the Lifeboat House. We normally have a weekly club meeting on Sundays and you will be able to get an idea of what we are all about and say hello. Please contact us beforehand at and we can look out for you.

Throughout the Spring and Summer months we run training sessions for new members. At these events you can start to learn about rowing one of our beautiful skiffs. You can be confident in the support of an experienced crew around you and under the watchful eye of a competent cox. You don’t need previous experience or boating gear as the club has all the equipment you will need.

As well as training new members we have an ongoing programme for all members covering rowing skills, safety, understanding our home waters and elementary seamanship. We encourage everyone to continuously develop their knowledge and skills as a way to help them enjoy their membership fully and contribute to the club.

If you have enquiries about ACR please get in touch at

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Where is ACR?

ACR is based in the old Lifeboat House in Alnmouth Bay at the north end of the dunes car park.

This is the centre of our operations where the skiffs and equipment are stored. Apart from enjoying the scenic Alnmouth Bay and River Aln we also venture further afield and have enjoyed trips to other Northumberland rivers, the Lake District, Northern Ireland, Scotland and most recently Holland. You can see the World Championships we attended in Holland here Skiffie Worlds 2022

What will it cost?

Membership of ACR costs £50 per member per calendar year (2024 rates). This gives you full access to all ACR activities both on and off the water. There is also a Social Membership available for £10 per calendar year for those who do not want to row. There are no additional charges for regular club activities and rowing, however some outings further afield may have additional cost to those who attend.

To join up please follow our Registration process

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Most of our members have enjoyed their involvement in ACR for many years, however we realise that a few find that the reality of coastal rowing does not suit them. If you wish to leave within the first two months after the date of joining we will refund half of the subscription you have paid. We hope you join us and stay!

What happens after joining?

You will get full access to our website and can start to sign up for specific events. Most new members attend two or three training sessions to start with. After that you simply look out for the rowing and social events that appeal and put your name down. Our website also gives access to a range of other information that will help you discover coastal rowing. All members are encouraged to contribute to club life – anything from boat maintenance to administration and publicity. Whatever your skills we can find a good use for them!

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Welcome and enjoy the skiffs, the sea, the environment and the wildlife!