Important Documents

This section holds documents that should be read by each club member:

Club matters:

  • Notice of AGM – December 2019
  • Constitution of the Club
  • Minutes of EGM – February 2020
  • Committee Minutes
  • Membership Form
  • Child Protection Policy
  • Tasks

Rowing matters:

  • Rowing risk assessment
  • Cox competence
  • Crew competence
  • Co-ordinating rowing events
  • Man Over Board Procedure

Please click on the links below to open the documents:

Notice of AGM – December 2019

Notice of Annual General Meeting 2019

Constitution of the Club

Constitution February 2020

Minutes of EGM – February 2020

EGM Minutes 23rd February 2020

Committee Minutes

13th January 2020 minutes

20th February 2020 minutes

9th March 2020 minutes

6th April 2020 minutes

11th May 2020 minutes

8th June 2020 minutes

6th July 2020 minutes

10th August 2020 minutes

Membership Form

Membership Form 2020

Visitor Membership Form

Child Protection

ACR Child Protection Document


ACR Tasks

Rowing Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment v3

Cox competence

Cox Training June 18 v2


Cox Competences January 2020

Local landings

Crew competence

Crew Competence Checklist v1

Co-ordinating rowing events

Event Co-Ordinator Checklist v0.2

Man Over Board Procedure

Man Over Board Procedure

Covid Procedure

Restart Rowing Procedures with Full Crew 10th Sept 2020