Coquet Island June 4th

So the sea wasn’t quite as calm as initially predicted , but one crew rowed from home to the yacht club at Amble and a second crew rowed round the island .  Attached is a pdf of the journey , captured by my Garmin watch. (Click on attachment below)

It wasn’t over 2 hours of rowing – we made numerous stops to watch the wildlife and gather together all the 6 skiffs (including Musselburgh who drove down just to do this row). There were many inquisitive seals, terns and large numbers of puffins – at one time the sky was full of them as they came in to the island.

We also all took part in a ceremony on the water off the Island to initiate those who had not done this row before (which was all of Alnmouth) This involved seaweed on the head and being showered in sea water! At that point all the skiffs were held together with hands.

Unfortunately we were not able to complete the original plan of rowing back from Amble to the boathouse as the heavens opened at about 7pm. Disappointing for those that waited in the yacht club.


coquet island