Collieston weekend

The weather beat the attempt  at rowing around Holy Island (see picture) , but we learned a bit about launching from the fisherman’s quay and rowing out of the harbour.Details of the planning will be put on the website for the next attempt!

Most of the rest of Saturday was drinking and eating (and watching the Scotland England football match)

Sunday was a good row from Craster with Amble and Craster  skiffs as well as POA and Collieston. The pictures show POA and Collieston skiffs launching and POA leaving the harbour  – Pete D, Jo,Nicola , Claire and Clare. Conditions were still challenging ,rowing into a strong breeze. Rather than row to Alnmouth the consensus was to row half way and then row back to Craster with the wind and sea behind. The day finished with a well attended BBQ at Alnmouth.