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Sunday 19th May saw 5 skiffs form 4 rowing clubs get together for a row from St Abbs up to St Abbs head to Eyemouth and back.

The row consisted of 2 crews from Alnmouth, 1 from Amble, plus 1 each from Eyemouth and St Abbs.

The route that was planned was to row from St Abbs to Eyemonth via St Abbs Head, and then back again after a stop allowing crews to swap where required and to rest for crews who were rowing both legs, the distance being 3 miles each way.

However on the way up on the morning of the row it was far from certain that the row would take place from the thick bank of fog that engulfed the A1 and coast just after entering Scotland. However the fog and mist seemed to disappear with time and when reaching St Abbs the coxes made the call to continue. By this time the fog was lifting and the conditions got better as the day progressed. Good call!!

The first crews went out from St Abbs, firstly north to St Abbs Head then south to Eyemouth around 11 am. The fog had lifted considerably at this time but the sea was a bit lumpy but well within the skills of our coxes and crews. The 3 mile row took around a hour. By this time the return crews were in Eyemouth awaiting the arrival of the first crews.

The boats arrived one by one into the beach at Eyemouth. Eyemouth is similar in size to Amble together with a port, and seaside attractions, including a great fish and chip shop, the attraction proved too much for some. Once all crews where in, landing on the beach, everyone sat down for a beach picnic. However this proved hard for some who made sandwiches but forgot about the filling . . . luckily Eyemouth had local shops nearby in addition to the fish and chips!!

After the return crews were sorted out the boats set out again for the return leg back to St Abbs. In one of the Alnmouth boats one of the crew members dog, Sooty decided to swim off after his dad after seeing him in the boat, luckily Sooty’s other owner was on hand to get him back. Sooty loves his Dad !! The weather was getting better and better with the gloom of the morning giving way to glorious sunshine, and the sea conditions improved too with the return leg being much smoother than before. The sea was calm and very clear, with the coastline of this part of eastern Scotland being visible now in the sunshine. This was rocky with the St Abbs area being famous for seabirds of which many could be seen from the boats. As the boats came into the harbour at St Abbs, the St Abbs boat was delayed and last in as they had discovered a dead whale and decided to take a look. St Abbs is very different to Eyemouth, with a harbour and village built around a rocky cove with cliffs to the North. A good time was enjoyed by all, but maybe a stop off at the harbourside pub at St Abbs for next time!!!