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Wow! What a 24 hours!

ACR members did themselves, and the RNLI, proud with an event that had a mission to raise £600 for our local Amble station and blew that goal literally out of the water!

Thank you!

We all want to say a huge thank you to everyone that has donated on our Just Giving page and all those who contributed on Alnmouth Beach over the row period. Whether you ate our cakes, acquired RNLI memorabilia or cheered our crews on – thank you! It was amazing to have your support.

It’s not too late to get involved!

We will be closing our Just Giving page on Wednesday 21st June – the official Solstice.

Until then you can still help us to give as much as possible to the RNLI.


Solstice row highlights

For everyone involved, this was an extremely special experience. It was our first ever 24-hour row, and it was perfect! That, of course, comes down to meticulous planning; organising crews, changeovers to guarantee continuous rowing, distance tracking, health and safety, radios remaining charged and base camp onshore keeping the fire burning through the near dark of a summer night.

Alongside the rowing, the catering and fundraising crews worked hard throughout, with our cake sale drawing in willing supporters on Alnmouth beach prepared to consume home-made offerings in aid of the RNLI.

A visit by the Amble RNLI rib during their evening exercise was a tangible reminder of the cause in hand. As the 10pm crew took their shift on Thursday the firepit was lit and the setting sun cast gold highlights over an amazingly calm sea looking west inland and indigo heading east towards the horizon and Denmark! It was magical.

From 11pm the crews were halved, from four to two rowers with the changeover crew manning the fire. The last glimmers of light faded away and those hardy souls were rewarded with the magical experience of rowing by starlight and watching the sun rise out of the sea at dawn.

Nature put on a show!

Not only did we have the most perfect weather and sea state but the iconic creatures of our coastline, with some extra special guests also featured. The Thursday morning crews returned from the 11am shift elated having been escorted for part of their row by a pod of dolphins heading south across Alnmouth bay. Literally feet away from the skiff they put on a show, cresting and breaching for our rowers.

A seal monitored the progress of the mid-evening rowers in Foxton Bay, sea birds of all varieties were amazing and sleepy puffins early Friday morning looked quite put out by near-dipping oars. But the absolute highlight, which astounded us all was the sight of orca. Really exciting!!

A celebratory finish!

Finally, Pride of Aln and Enflaeda completed their last rows at 10am, the siren sounded, the celebratory Breakfast BBQ was lit and we completed an amazing event those involved will never forget.

Dave Foote, led the planning for the Solstice Row and summarised it as a  “fabulous exhausting day, brilliant team, and funds for RNLI Amble are way over my expectation – let’s do it again!”

With over £2,000 already raised and time to add just a little more, we really must!

Your final chance to donate