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Frostbite by name and nature!

With temperatures around your average fridge 4 degrees, Scottish crews from Queensferry and Eskmuthe joined Craster and Alnmouth for a friendly regatta at the close of November.

Around 55 skiff rowers assembled at the Ferryman’s Hut overlooking the Aln estuary for the briefing ahead of the inaugural Frostbite Regatta held on Saturday 25th November.

With a mix of fun and competitive races, working around the rising and lowering river tides, and shifting sand banks, it was, to quote one of our Scottish guests, “creative and challenging”.

The crews were mixed up, so rowers experienced the nuances of the differing skiffs, learning the challenges and benefits each offer, and enjoyed rowing with new crews.

From relays, with all batons safely passed from skiff to skiff, to time trials the crews all excelled. Thankfully the sun shone and Alnmouth put on its best show as backdrop to the event.

Temperatures dropped, the racing completed and the day ended around blazing fire-pits back at the ACR boathouse.

The race winners were awarded specially crafted medals (thank you Rhoda), and all enjoyed a wee nip of Scottish malt to toast our very welcome guests and another great ACR event. We were delighted to receive feedback from the Queensferry crew:

“What a truly wonderful day we had with you on Saturday in beautiful Alnmouth and we could not have enjoyed it anymore!

We loved the mix of racing you put on, the nips of whisky, the soup and cake, the fire and chatting over the day’s events. It was all just perfect!  Here’s to more adventures together in the future!”

Special thanks to all the event organisers and the racing crews who travelled to join us on the day.