The AGM of the Club is to be held on Wednesday December 6th at Lesbury Village Hall , commencing 7pm.

Notice of the Meeting and draft agenda are set out below, as well as the Annual Report.


Notice of Annual General Meeting

The 4th AGM of Alnmouth Community Rowing will take place at the Village Hall, Lesbury NE66 3PP on Wednesday December 6th 2017 at 7.00pm.


Shareholders, sponsors, members of the public, and members are invited to attend to hear the report of the Committee to its members.

Voting members are encouraged to attend and vote upon the items on the agenda.


Draft Agenda


  1. Opening Remarks
  2. Apologies
  3. Minutes of the previous meeting
  4. Annual Report (attached)
  5. Accounts
  6. Election of Committee:
  • Chairman
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Election of up to 4 other members to the Committee
  1. Membership fees for 2018
  2. Any other business
  3. Next meeting.

Members wishing to stand for a Committee position should notify the Acting Secretary, David Cant, ( as soon as possible so that the information can be circulated to members in advance of the meeting.

Members wishing to propose items for discussion at an Annual General Meeting must submit their proposed item to the Acting Secretary, David Cant, ( at least 21 days preceding the AGM. The proposal must be signed by 2 members entitled to vote.



Alnmouth Community Rowing

Annual Report


Given the change from a June AGM to a December AGM, this report covers a longer period than usual.

We have had an intake of 13 new members since Lucy joined towards the end of 2016, in addition to an athletic Danish family who have a holiday home in Alnmouth. A number of the new members have got involved in the early morning rowing and breakfast each Thursday, which is a new activity in 2017.

Our community engagement continues – several outings supporting the events of other clubs as well as participating in the RABC “Push Your Boat Out” weekend in May and the Raft Race in August. In February Charles Jones was successful in obtaining a £1,392 grant from the NCC Community Chest Scheme which is to buy equipment, with the balance put towards a second boat. Charles is putting in a further application to the next funding round.

The ACR log book is written up after each club event and provides useful statistics on our activity. The log for the period from April to September recorded that we had over 90 launches around Alnmouth, which included a number of sessions dedicated to new beginners from the local area, managed by Dave and Rhoda. 11 members appeared at 4am to take part in the Solstice Row, but this year the weather left much to be desired. We had a log fire going in the brazier rather than donning sunglasses.

We also took to the road with trips to Amble on New Year’s Day, Lake District (May), Holy Island (June), Craster for their skiff naming ceremony (June), Annan (July) and the Tweed (September). Without the trailer and car-towers such as Dave and John, away trips and even launching on the Aln at high tide wouldn’t be possible. We could do with increasing the pool of towers to spread the load – volunteers welcome.

We hosted a visit from Collieston from the north of Scotland in June and several members provided bed and board for their rowers. Whilst the weather beat the attempt to row round Holy Island on the Saturday with them, we still had a fun weekend, culminating in a barbeque at the Lifeboat house (“LBH”) after a row from Craster on the Sunday.  At the end of August we put in a team to compete at the Alnmouth Volcano night, followed by some food and drink – a really enjoyable evening.  John launched the POA and it cruised majestically up and down the long row of bonfires. Good marketing and PR!

As mentioned above, the Thursday morning row has worked well and some of the new members have organised social events including film nights at the Alnwick Playhouse as well as coffee and energetic early morning walks along the beach if the sea is too rough for rowing.

So the plan for 2018 is to continue to put on a varied rowing program, with evening and morning rowing sessions as the days get longer again, as well as taking part in away events and putting on some social events as well.  A repeat of the Alnmouth Review in February is probably on the cards.

Still on the rowing “to do“ list is a row around Coquet Island and a re-run of a circumnavigation of Holy Island. Hopefully we will have a brilliant sunrise on Solstice morning 2018, worth getting out seriously early on the water for. On the training front, we want to continue helping members to gain the confidence to cox and take charge of rowing events. If a crew of rowers want to train more competitively together, it could be fitted in. There were some steps in this direction in 2017. We continue to talk about a second skiff or other such rowing boat – this is work-in-progress.

Prior to all that will be the annual maintenance of the POA, led by John, as well as tidying up the LBH. Volunteers will be required for both projects .In March 2017, in addition to repainting the POA, we painted the changing rooms with white emulsion to brighten them up. The log records there were 8 volunteer sessions over a period of some 6 weeks.

We now have a bit more room in the LBH as the Parish Council have moved their kit into the neighbouring building. Most skiff clubs do not have use of a building such as the LBH and we must count ourselves fortunate, particularly with the panoramic sea view we also enjoy.

As to the Committee, Richard Wilson decided to stand down as Chairman but has continued on the Committee, providing helpful advice. Clive Church (Secretary) and Dave Foote (Treasurer) have also decided the time has come to pass these roles on to others. Many thanks to all 3.

David Cant joined the Committee in July 2016 and is currently acting as Chairman and Secretary. Charles Jones has been on the Committee for the whole period. Over the past few months other members have attended Committee meetings and helped out by taking on various tasks. Jean-Francois Perocheau has also spent time during the period developing the website and rationalising the database to good effect. Thank you to all for that help – much appreciated.

We have looked at how best to structure the Committee going forward and Richard has carried out a review of what other clubs do.  The conclusion we reached is that we have to fill the 3 nominated positions (Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary) but further Committee appointments will depend on how many keen members are prepared to step forward at the AGM. The Club rules allow for an additional four members plus the ability to co-opt two further members.

We appreciate that Committee membership does not suit everyone and a number of the tasks can be carried out equally well without the need to be a Committee member and attend the monthly meetings. Several new members have already got involved in helping organise things and generally taking the initiative; a few more members stepping forward would be welcome.


David Cant

October 2017