Update on activities

We are heading towards having the boat out 5 times a week:


Sunday (John Ellis) – 10.00 am club session unless advised to the contrary by John


Tuesday morning (Tim and Fay Falconer) – just getting off the ground. More details in due course


Wednesday evening (Dave and Rhoda Foote) – 6.30pm . First session this week.


Thursday morning (David Cant  and Claire Edgar) – 7.00 am for a pre-breakfast crew and 8 am for a post breakfast crew. Members take turns proving breakfast. An established favourite.


Go faster / racing / team rowing  – times vary (Rhoda Foote). First session held last week.


To make these sessions have a life of their own, members need to commit to regular attendance at their chosen sessions , so that we are able to crew a boat – nothing more frustrating  than 2 or 3 members wanting a regular row but being thwarted by lack of numbers.