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  1. Just moved into the area and would like to give coastal rowing a try. Are there any open days coming up or when could I come down?

  2. how do you change the password to something more user friendly?
    I cant find the “edit profile section” of the site referred to in the email from wordpress

    1. Hi,

      I instated a link to personal profile and password.It is under Member login/logout at the top-right.
      You have 2 options.
      option 1 is to use the password reset link. The system will generate a password for you and e-mail it to you.
      Option 2 is to go on your profile page and to input your preferred password twice then hit the update button.


  3. On the about us page it refers to past newsletters which are archived.These are part of the shop window but
    I failed to find the archive
    How about a direct link from the about us page to the newsletters?

    1. HI,

      Thank you for this comment. You are correct and the site is being developed (always be ongoing really). I am in the process of making a newsletter section and needs to think how best to do this. You can access newsletter from the document vault which you can find under “member home” link. A direct link would be good, although A decision of who can see what need to be made before implementing such a link. I noticed that you used the comment section which is totally public. If you prefer, you can use the feedback section under Member home link. This section is not public and allow for private/personalise comment/feedback and answer.

  4. SkiffieWorlds is over, and our crew came 13th in the final race

    Great result – if you’d seen the opposition you’d know just how tough such a good result was to achieve.

    Well done to the over 50 crew..

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