What follows are photos and videos of a super day had in Galloway on August 11 2018 . The sun shone and Alnmouth won the coastal rower category of the 14 mile race from Carsethorn to Dumfries down the River Nith.



Warming up at the start at Carsethorn – beautiful place



Friendly rowers from Annan . We agreed with them not to to do a “le-mans” style start with a footrace to the boats!



Taken by Roy Kerr on the safety boat



Taken by Roy Kerr on the safety boat



Alnmouth crosses the finish line, depositing its cargo of tobacco for the grateful burghers of Dumfries . The Salty Coo looks on and the piper plays.



Still taken by Roy Kerr



The crew recover after the race and head for the quay.


POA is winched out of the water – John can’t resist anything engineering



We are on the leaderboard!



We keep the trophy for a year and will need to add the name of Alnmouth to it . The whisky wont last that long.






Medals of the salty coo were also given out.



The winning crew


The lakes weekend – July 2018



This is lunchtime Saturday on Lake Windermere , The day consisted of rowing from Newby Bridge  to Ambleside . After lunch we also did some time trials around the island in the background.



June 28 – Bright sun everywhere else but thick fog on the beach at Alnmouth



Calm of early morning – Solstice Row

Up xxxx creek or rowing on the Blyth?



Photo provided by Eskmuth




Photo provided by Eskmuth


Coquet Island close up by the landing jetty – sky full of seabirds and puffins perched on the building roof


The initiation ceremony – seaweed on the head being sprayed by seawater  , much enjoyed by crew



Photo provided by Eskmuth

Coquet Island


Fellow skiffs heading for Coquet Island


photo provided by Eskmuth  – magic puffin shot

2nd crew heading for Coquet Island



Photo provided by Eskmuth

Coquet Island day – first crew arriving Amble Yacht Club


Coquet Island day – first crew leaving Alnmouth


On the River Aln in company with our friends from Craster in The Jolly Fisherman


Rowing up to Lesbury



Hosing down newly painted skiff


First club session of  2018 – March 25th



Rough weather – Holy Island


Sunrise – Solstice Row


Push the Boat Out weekend – Alnmouth


Launching -River Aln


Tweed Row to Paxton House


Volcano Night – Alnmouth Beach


Autumn Rainbow over Boathouse


Challenging Conditions


Leaving Craster Harbour