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  • dfoote   /   4th July 2016., 6:40 AM

    Hi Looking good! A few things. The Forecast section should be called "Weather Forecast", it would be better to use a "calm" image rather than the wild one from Portobello, there is no need for more than one tide table. When I clicked on event the first time the "Event" word in the banner menu went grey but still worked - when I did it again it went red but still worked. We need a simple convention for one colour that indicates a link is live and one other colour to indicate that the link is unavailable. The Craster event had the choice of seat numbers but the Elfie one did not - why? The About section needs the words that are "about" us - I'm pretty sure we have these from Richard some time ago, but not sure where they are I would remove the Shop section, we have nothing to put in there, and simpler is always better. Good to know that it is possible tho' And can we get away from "tech speak" at every possibility (Admin Admin? Reference to "Tickets"). The site is for simple folk so can we agree to always use plain English Thanks again Dave

  • dfoote   /   4th July 2016., 6:43 AM

    I suspect that the "Join Us" section should also be hidden until we have the details sorted out. It is confusing to think that you are joining and then get taken into "Registration" Dave

    • Admin Alnmouth Comunity Rowing   /   10th July 2016., 1:15 AM

      Upon your request the shop, join us section has been removed. Please let me know if anything else should go too

  • Rhoda Foote   /   4th July 2016., 9:03 AM

    Could replies from website perhaps pick up Christian name? Rather than "Dear Foote"

    • TomCabinBoy   /   5th July 2016., 5:06 PM

      HI is that 'Dear Foote' or 'Dear RFoote' that you are seeing?

    • Admin Alnmouth Comunity Rowing   /   10th July 2016., 1:13 AM

      This issue should be fix by now. If you still have it, please could you contact me.

  • Jenny & David Cant   /   7th July 2016., 3:53 PM

    Not sure what the trip planning section is trying to do but it keeps trying to reload and falls over (on my tablet at least)

    • Admin Alnmouth Comunity Rowing   /   10th July 2016., 1:10 AM

      Yes the opensea map is a useful tool but have some known issues with some gingerbread (android) system and for some reason some ipad but not all. The trip section is a mirror of the opensea site and therefore I cannot influence that. I did however pass your comment on the issue to them.

  • Jenny & David Cant   /   7th July 2016., 3:55 PM

    I now have a system response saying my comment is awaiting "moderation"?

    • Admin Alnmouth Comunity Rowing   /   10th July 2016., 1:13 AM

      Yes indeed. you need to have approved comment first before the system will approved your comments automatically. AT the present era of computer generated comments (bot), despite all anti virus and malware etc etc, this is the only sure way to not have undesirable comments made onto the site.