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June newsletter 2016

Alnmouth Rowing June news

The May report was full of stuff happening, and June and July are shaping the same way. Here’s the story…
The Annual General Meeting.
For the second time, we were able to host our AGM in our boathouse. A bit draughty, and the pews are hard, but a fitting venue.

I’m adding the Chairmans Report at the end, to save blethering on, and I’ll just add that the Treasurer points out that last year we spent more money than we received, and that it was agreed to move our year end to December, at the end of the season, as that is a much more appropriate time to review, count everything, and look forward to the next year.

Website changes – Great news
One of our newer members, Jean-Francois, has been bringing our website up to speed. Events are put on the calendar, and members can reserve their own seat.

Some readers may have received escaped emails recently. The revised website can also take over all our mailings, and allow us to run a single mailing list. You may have seen some surplus emails as we separate our friends, members, and rowers email addresses to the right places. The facebook page will also be getting a facelift, so the two things work together.  This will be an ongoing story…

What’s been happening?

Amble Festival

On June 4 we hied to Little Shore at Amble, and had a great day with eight, or was it nine, skiffs and crews. The plan for us to row to Amble, crew change, row around Coquet Island, crewchange, go round again, crew change, have some sprints, crewchange, and row home. What actually happened was that the weather stopped all that, and we had a great row up river in company, to the pub at Warkworth.
Notice all those crew changes though? Our best ever turnout of rowers as far as numbers go.
Rowing the Marches
We suffered a broken tow car and weren’t able to attend….  Aaaah
Alnmouth Arts Festival
We had the LBH open to the public on the Saturday of the Arts Festival. A rota of rowers took charge, and after a slow start (artists rise late) we were talking to dozens of people for the rest of the day.
Rowing the Longest Day
On the 21 June, early risers aimed to see the sun rise from the sea. It did so, right on cue, but was modest enough to hide behind some clouds. Didn’t stop the barbecue though, and three launches to fit all the rowers.
Alnwick again
On the 25 we enjoyed a day of talking to the landlubbers at Alnwick Market, where a special ‘Taste of the North’ market was running. Big success, and more newcomers wanting a ‘Taste of Rowing.’
Future events
The website will have details ! (see above)

Blyths launch of ‘Bebside’; Craster’s launch of ‘Jolly Fisherman’; ACR going to the Skiffy Worlds..;  Club sessions;  appeals for a speculative crew at short notice, it will all be going there.

See you soon!

Just Row!

Richard Wilson

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