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The Alnmouth Revue is back – Feb 15th at the Red Lion

Those who were there won’t forget the great evening we spent last year entertaining each other at the Red Lion.
Well,  It’s happening again.  Once more, we have some capable people lined up to provide some entertainment, but we’re also looking for new talent, so if you can tell a story, recite a poem, sing a song, play some music – bring your song sheet or script and come along.  Even if you can’t, come along anyway.  Booking is advised, so we have enough meals to go around.   Book onto the event, or send an email to the usual places.

See you there.

click here for the PDF.   ACR 2017 Review Feb 15th

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Burns’s Night 2017

In case you haven’t got the date in your diary for later this month,

just a reminder about the social gathering in Alnwick, being hosted by Sue Perry and Ed Mcgough.

January 21st, start around 7:00 pm.

ACR 2017 Burns Night v2

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Amble Festival

On June 4th we hied to Little Shore at Amble, and had a great day with eight, or was it nine, skiffs and crews. The plan for us to row to Amble, crewchange, row around Coquet Island, crewchange, go round again, crewchange, have some sprints, crewchange, and row home. What actually happened was that the weather stopped all that, and we had a great row up river in company, to the pub at Warkworth.

Notice all those crewchanges though? Our best ever turnout of rowers as far as numbers go


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Pride Of Aln – The maiden voyage

Everyone had a great day out.

Sunday March 15th, and Alnmouth Rowing were down on the beach by 0800 hours – reserving the parking spaces for visitors, and setting up the frying pans for the bacon rolls.
No rain, the wind was, well, moderate, but the sea was looking lively, and likely to stay so. Still, we had the lifeboat house set up, looking splendid in its new coat of whitewash internally, and windows that let in light.
Skiffs rolled in and were lined up outside the boathouse,making a fine display,  from North to South – Pride of Aln, Coquet Spirit, Crofton, and Grace all turned up, with crews attracted by the smell of frying bacon.
Her grace, The Duchess of Northumberland, arrived on time, to find all the boats away down the beach so we could launch into the river estuary, and after being lifejacketed and given the crew briefing by our guest cox, the crew walked out to the crowds and the boats, climbed aboard, and the games began.  After rowing round in to the river, her grace was heard to say “can we go out in the waves now” so we duly obliged and moved out to where the rollers were breaking.  The crew of Grace shot a fine film of Pride of Aln,with the Duchess at No 3 and Tony, winner of the auction to share the maiden voyage, at No 2.

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