About Us

Alnmouth Rowing is a community venture, with a boat built by members of the community, and housed in a historic old LifeBoatHouse on the beach, right beside the seaside.

In the 2015 season we launched our skiff, and we gained a new home on the beach.  Over 500 people took part in more than 100 launches before the season ended.  Since then we have attracted more members and widened the number and scope of rowing events available.

No previous experience of rowing needed – just come along to try it. We provide briefings on what you need to know.

Get in touch by signing up, or go to the facebook site Alnmouth Community Rowing and leave a message. 

For 2018 the Committee comprises Dave Foote (Chairman), David Cant (Secretary), Mike Ewen (Treasurer) John Ellis, Charles Jones , Pauline Fearey and Claire Edgar. A good place to meet any of these, or to take look at the skiff, is at the Lifeboat House when there are rowing sessions. You can also email:



The St Ayles Skiff – Background

The Boats

Designed by Iain Oughtred, based on a Fair Isle skiff (with strong Norse influences)

Started in 2009 when the first was built and launched.   May 2010 – 6 boats, December 2010 – 33 boats

Today – 150 boats in 9 countries with another 40+ in build.  Other countries showing interest include Brazil and South Africa.

  • Supplied as a kit of marine ply parts, supplemented by additional timber plus epoxy and paint.
  • Fastest known build time is 6 weeks but more typically 6-12 months.
  • Majority are built and rowed by a local community group

Spec:  22ft long, 5ft 8 inch beam, hull and frames 9mm marine ply, gunwales, stem and stern laminated from Larch, oars vary but typically 12 – 14ft, minimum design weight of the skiff 150kg

Crew: 4 rowers plus cox

The People

  • Almost all in coastal communities
  • Form small teams who work together to build “their” boat
  • Learn about the skills and co-operation needed to row and work together as a crew
  • Mostly have never built anything remotely like it before
  • Enjoy the camaraderie of meeting with other skiff groups to row and/or race