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The Alnmouth Revue is back – Feb 15th at the Red Lion

Those who were there won’t forget the great evening we spent last year entertaining each other at the Red Lion.
Well,  It’s happening again.  Once more, we have some capable people lined up to provide some entertainment, but we’re also looking for new talent, so if you can tell a story, recite a poem, sing a song, play some music – bring your song sheet or script and come along.  Even if you can’t, come along anyway.  Booking is advised, so we have enough meals to go around.   Book onto the event, or send an email to the usual places.

See you there.

click here for the PDF.   ACR 2017 Review Feb 15th

Burns’s Night 2017

In case you haven’t got the date in your diary for later this month,

just a reminder about the social gathering in Alnwick, being hosted by Sue Perry and Ed Mcgough.

January 21st, start around 7:00 pm.

ACR 2017 Burns Night v2

Happy New Year 2017


Hello Friends…..

A new year is knocking the door. 2016 will be history and the world will enter the new year 2017. So be ready to scream out loud and welcome “A Happy New Year 2017”.

Why do we wish happy new year?

Well, it’s Just because we wish to forget the sorrows and pains, remember the happy moments and carry those happy memories ahead along with us and welcome a new year out loud in the warmth of happiness.

So folks for all of you a wish from Alnmouth Community Rowing

 “A Happy and a Prosperous New Year”.


The Meaning Of Christmas


Far away in Bethlehem, a Baby Boy was born;
Born with neither riches nor with fame,
Yet Wise Men came from all around to bring to Him their gifts,
And peace was felt by all who heard His name.

Angels watched Him as He slept, and gently rocked His bed;
Their voices singing softly in His ear;
His Mother and His Father both gave thanks to God above
For the greatest gift of all, their Son, so dear

They knew His life upon this earth would not be filled with wealth,
They also knew He would encounter strife;
But most of all, they knew that He would be a loving Child,
And teach the love of God throughout His life.

At Christmas, as we celebrate this Birth of Jesus Christ,
Let’s keep in mind the truth of Christmas Day;
For it’s not the Christmas wrappings, nor the gifts that lie within,
But our gift of love to others in every way…


A Christmas Wish


I’d like a stocking made for a giant,
And a meeting house full of toys,
Then I’d go out in a happy hunt
For the poor little girls and boys;
Up the street and down the street,
And across and over the town,
I’d search and find them everyone,
Before the sun went down.

(Written by Eugene Field)

New Rowers – Start here !

So you’ve been beguiled by tales of sun, sea, sand and seals?  Tales of new skiffs appearing along the coast has you intrigued, and after seeing our lovely skiff you volunteered to come and try old-fashioned rowing on the sea.

Here’s what to expect.
We are based at the old LifeBoat House on Alnmouth beach.  As you enter Alnmouth, take the first left past the roundabout onto The Wynd, and first left again to drop down across the golf course.  the 2 buildings you see are both lifeboat houses.  We are in the larger of the two.
At your first session, we will run over the boat and the names of things, safety equipment, and launch and recovery procedures.

Like the lifeboat men of old, we launch from the beach, so we are very careful to stay safe, and provide instruction to new members.  Of necessity though, we must push the boat out until it floats and we can climb aboard.  This will involve getting wet, up to the knees at least, and maybe a bit wetter if there are any waves coming in.  Bring some spare clothes, and wear clothes you don’t mind being soaked in sea water.  Likewise with footwear.  Old trainers maybe, or sandals, but not flip flops (they can flop when you don’t want them to.)  something windproof but light is often a good idea too, even in good weather it can feel cold on the sea, and a thin fleece type layer unless it’s that week of summer.
Everything  else will be on board.  We provide self-inflating lifejackets, we carry marine VHF radio and flares – all we need is the crew.
If you want to find out more about what’s happening in the next few weeks, then drop an email request to admin  (at )  If you leave a phone number too, someone should be getting right back to you.

See you soon

Just Row!





June newsletter 2016

Alnmouth Rowing June news

The May report was full of stuff happening, and June and July are shaping the same way. Here’s the story…
The Annual General Meeting.
For the second time, we were able to host our AGM in our boathouse. A bit draughty, and the pews are hard, but a fitting venue.

I’m adding the Chairmans Report at the end, to save blethering on, and I’ll just add that the Treasurer points out that last year we spent more money than we received, and that it was agreed to move our year end to December, at the end of the season, as that is a much more appropriate time to review, count everything, and look forward to the next year.

Website changes – Great news
One of our newer members, Jean-Francois, has been bringing our website up to speed. Events are put on the calendar, and members can reserve their own seat.

Some readers may have received escaped emails recently. The revised website can also take over all our mailings, and allow us to run a single mailing list. You may have seen some surplus emails as we separate our friends, members, and rowers email addresses to the right places. The facebook page will also be getting a facelift, so the two things work together.  This will be an ongoing story…

What’s been happening?

Amble Festival

On June 4 we hied to Little Shore at Amble, and had a great day with eight, or was it nine, skiffs and crews. The plan for us to row to Amble, crew change, row around Coquet Island, crewchange, go round again, crew change, have some sprints, crewchange, and row home. What actually happened was that the weather stopped all that, and we had a great row up river in company, to the pub at Warkworth.
Notice all those crew changes though? Our best ever turnout of rowers as far as numbers go.
Rowing the Marches
We suffered a broken tow car and weren’t able to attend….  Aaaah
Alnmouth Arts Festival
We had the LBH open to the public on the Saturday of the Arts Festival. A rota of rowers took charge, and after a slow start (artists rise late) we were talking to dozens of people for the rest of the day.
Rowing the Longest Day
On the 21 June, early risers aimed to see the sun rise from the sea. It did so, right on cue, but was modest enough to hide behind some clouds. Didn’t stop the barbecue though, and three launches to fit all the rowers.
Alnwick again
On the 25 we enjoyed a day of talking to the landlubbers at Alnwick Market, where a special ‘Taste of the North’ market was running. Big success, and more newcomers wanting a ‘Taste of Rowing.’
Future events
The website will have details ! (see above)

Blyths launch of ‘Bebside’; Craster’s launch of ‘Jolly Fisherman’; ACR going to the Skiffy Worlds..;  Club sessions;  appeals for a speculative crew at short notice, it will all be going there.

See you soon!

Just Row!

Richard Wilson

Amble Festival

On June 4th we hied to Little Shore at Amble, and had a great day with eight, or was it nine, skiffs and crews. The plan for us to row to Amble, crewchange, row around Coquet Island, crewchange, go round again, crewchange, have some sprints, crewchange, and row home. What actually happened was that the weather stopped all that, and we had a great row up river in company, to the pub at Warkworth.

Notice all those crewchanges though? Our best ever turnout of rowers as far as numbers go


Bebside Launch 3rd July 2016

Blyth Community Rowing Community Club1908137_842605675777271_7989396805173198129_n

would like to invite you to the launch of our newest St Ayles skiff, Bebside, built in collaboration with students and staff from Blyth Academy. Festivities will begin at 12 noon with the official naming ceremony and launch at 12:30. Visitors will be encouraged to grab an oar and experience first hand the result of all the hard work put in by everyone involved! A good row round the bay and up the river should round the day off nicely. There will be a barbecue – yes Wobbly Fingers, “with accompaniments”! Hope to see you all there!

Pride Of Aln – The maiden voyage

Everyone had a great day out.

Sunday March 15th, and Alnmouth Rowing were down on the beach by 0800 hours – reserving the parking spaces for visitors, and setting up the frying pans for the bacon rolls.
No rain, the wind was, well, moderate, but the sea was looking lively, and likely to stay so. Still, we had the lifeboat house set up, looking splendid in its new coat of whitewash internally, and windows that let in light.
Skiffs rolled in and were lined up outside the boathouse,making a fine display,  from North to South – Pride of Aln, Coquet Spirit, Crofton, and Grace all turned up, with crews attracted by the smell of frying bacon.
Her grace, The Duchess of Northumberland, arrived on time, to find all the boats away down the beach so we could launch into the river estuary, and after being lifejacketed and given the crew briefing by our guest cox, the crew walked out to the crowds and the boats, climbed aboard, and the games began.  After rowing round in to the river, her grace was heard to say “can we go out in the waves now” so we duly obliged and moved out to where the rollers were breaking.  The crew of Grace shot a fine film of Pride of Aln,with the Duchess at No 3 and Tony, winner of the auction to share the maiden voyage, at No 2.

Skiffie Worlds 2016 – 24 -30 July

Welcome Skiffies to Strangford Lough!

Strangford Lough and Lecale Partnership, Scottish Coastal Rowing Association, Newry, Mourne and Down District Council and Ards and North Down Borough Council welcome  communities from all over the world to Strangford Lough from 24 -30 July 2016, for the world community, coastal rowing championships Skiffie Worlds 2016

Teams and Boats

Canada, England, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Tasmania, USA, Wales will all be here with teams and followers bringing a truly international flavour to the six day rowing event featuring 22ft, traditionally styled, wooden St Ayles skiffs, rowed by teams of four people plus cox.

All of the St Ayles’ skiffs have been built within their communities, thanks to a system that allows even non specialist boat builders to produce a high specification, traditionally styled wooden, racing boat.

Each boat has its own colours and names that are evocative of their home-places. The building of them brought people together from all walks of life and of all ages. They symbolise the bonds that have been forged between people within communities and now through competition the shared maritime heritage that binds coastal people the world over.

Find out more by clicking here

Dunbar Coastal Rowing Club Muster 2016

Dunbar Coastal Rowing Club Muster 2016

The events will be

  • launching from the harbour, followed by a trip to Belhaven Bay and the Biel Burn, beside the ‘Bridge to Nowhere’,
    1 mile West of Dunbar, parking is good for those who want to go there by car, with toilets nearby.
  • We expect to have ad-hoc races round the Poo buoy (500m offshore), expedition
    into the nearby Tyne River/Estuary, and back down the coast to Dunbar Harbour itself
    for an ice-cream. Very scenic, sandy beach with nice areas for children to
    play and a picnic / BBQ to be had

You can book your place by clicking here


Craster’s Skiff 1st Launch !! 16th July

Craster Launch – 16th July  
-224Days -22Hours -54Minutes -33Seconds

We’ll be there.  These events are always great fun – plenty of launches, plenty of skiffs, usually some ‘have a go’ tomfoolery to get to grips with.

If you do want to row on that day please book yourself in using the events page.

Steps to Make a Research Reasonable Research Paper

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New Year’s Day On The River.

New Year’s Day On The River.


Amble Costal Rowing Club have invited us plus other skiffs to take part in a New Year’s Day row from Amble to Walkworth and back, exact details haven’t been published but are likely to involve:- ‘hospitality’ at the boat club, row in convoy to Walkworth probably more ‘hospitality’ in the Masons Arms, change/refresh crews depending on numbers, then back to Amble.

The best bit, the row back will be in the dark, it is planned to have the boats decorated and lit up stem to stern so there’ll be a bit of work to arrange that, ideas welcome.

Please advise if you wish to participate,

Have a Great Christmas.



Boxing Day On The Beach.

Boxing Day On The Beach.


If the weather is anywhere near reasonable Alnmouth beach is likely to be busy and a great time to enhance the presence of the club.

From 12:30 onwards the Life Boat House will be open, fire on and plenty of hot and cold festive cheer on the go, we also plan to do some rowing.

So, if you just fancy some fresh air, a chat and something to eat and drink or feel there’s some turkey to work off in the form of a sprint up the river, come on down, all welcome.

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